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About Us

Company name: Kirakuya web Design Office

Date of Establishment

January 6, 2020

group (usu. of people)

6 (producers, designers, engineers)

Correspondent Banks

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ


3-1-25 Oyachi Higashi, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo, Japan


Kouji Ogawa

Business Objectives

Design & Marketing
Advertising Agency and IT Business

Corporate Philosophy

  • Contribute to the success of our customers

  • Enhance and evolve our technological capabilities

  • Engage in activities beneficial to society


About us.

kirakuya web design

What is kirakuya? ....

Kirakuya was named after the small diner "Kirakuya Shokudo" that my father and mother used to run....
It was also known as "Kirakuya Restaurant" where manual laborers, day laborers, etc. would gather in a friendly atmosphere... According to my late father, he wanted to make everyone smile by offering a lot of food at a low price... That was the concept of the restaurant... I'm not like that... I want to do the same kind of work that makes people smile with my designs. .....
I named it kirakuya web design...

kirakuya web design is a creative group of Wix certified partner web designers, graphic designers, and web programmers in Sapporo, Japan. We will solve your problems. Our mission is to understand our clients' intentions and propose the best methods to reach consumers. In this fast-paced era, the way of thinking and the way of doing things on the web are changing. Creativity is only refined. We must understand the client's feelings, share their thoughts, and connect the client and the consumer. To this end, we have an environment and human resources that allow us to provide better ideas to our clients by working closely with our in-house staff and communicating with them on a single job. In times like these, we must communicate closely with our clients in order to provide them with "ANSWER" that satisfies them. We have the support capability to do so.

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